Equity release: A case study

Sandra Eke, from Sidcup released cash from their home, read her story


Sandra Eke, from Sidcup, South East London, enjoys an active lifestyle and doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon. Having had a rewarding career in social work, working as a probation officer and as a social worker before making the decision to have a change in career to become a personal trainer and nutritionist.


Sandra decided to look into equity release as a way to help her daughter and three grandchildren to find somewhere to live.

“My daughter has been going through a difficult time recently and was struggling to find a place of her own,” explains Sandra.

“When I decided to look into equity release, I spent six months researching the idea before I made the decision to book an appointment.

“I had looked into other companies however with Key I felt the adviser was upfront. She was honest and I felt that she looked after my needs.

“I felt the whole package was the best one for me in every way. If I wanted to repay the money, I could, without the penalty being too extravagant.

“The whole process was a lot easier than I’d expected it to be.”

When the money arrived in Sandra’s account, the first thing she did was help her daughter and three grandchildren to find a home, paying the first 12 months’ rent upfront.

Sandra explained, “I’ve decorated throughout the house, had a new kitchen and bathroom fitted and rather than do it myself, I paid for someone else to do it –it took away the stress”

“I was also able to take one of my grandchildren to Tenerife to visit my sister who lives over there.”

“I’ve already recommended equity release to some of my friends – in my view, you should enjoy the money whilst you’re still alive.

“I definitely felt I made the right decision and the whole process was spot on.”

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