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Independent Pension Advice

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You’ve saved all your life for your retirement, when it comes to taking an income from your pension savings you want to make the most out of it, that’s why it is important to speak to an independent financial adviser (IFA) to understand all your options and receive advice based on your individual circumstances and financial objectives.

  • Tax-Free Cash – Access up to 25% of your savings as a tax-free lump sum.
  • Take control of your retirement with Drawdown, access your money as required whilst investing the fund with a view to grow it further. As with all investments, there is no guarantee that your fund will grow – it could reduce in value. Your independent financial adviser will ensure your funds are invested with a risk level you are comfortable with.
  • Secure Guaranteed Income for the rest of your life. If you are looking into purchasing an annuity, they compare quotes from all providers to ensure you receive the best possible rate.
  • Increase Your Retirement Income – depending on your health and lifestyle the team at My Pension Expert could increase your retirement income by up to 42% with an enhanced annuity**.
  • Provide security for your loved ones – understand the death benefit options available to you and provide your loved ones with an income when you pass away.
  • Full FCA Regulated Advice – the team at My Pension Expert offer full, independent advice across the full range of retirement income options.
  • Peace of Mind– receiving advice gives you the peace of mind that the decision you make is the right one for you, our advisers take into account all of your financial circumstances and make a recommendation in your best interests.

Why Choose My Pension Expert?

The team at My Pension Expert are the UK’s Number 1 independent, at-retirement financial advisers with other 2600 clients rating them ‘Excellent’ on the review website Trustpilot.

Guaranteed Financial Position

When you receive advice from My Pension Expert, they guarantee that you will be financially better off even after their advice fee – if it is best to keep your pension with your current provider you won’t pay a penny for the advice you receive.

Truly Independent

The advice you receive will be from an independent financial adviser employed by My Pension Expert, they have no affiliation with specific providers giving you the peace of mind that you are always placed with the provider which gives you the best outcome.

Completely Transparent

My Pension Expert charge a competitive fee for the advice they give you; this fee is already factored into the quotes you receive and is paid from your existing fund – the fee charged is the same regardless of which provider you choose. If you have nothing to gain in transferring your pension, the team at My Pension Expert will tell you and won’t charge you a penny.

Non-advised brokers receive a commission from the pension provider, this is still taken from your fund and the amount they receive varies depending on the provider.

Understand Your Existing Plan

My Pension Expert will help you understand all the features and benefits being offered by your existing provider and ensure that you don’t loose out by moving your funds away.


** Which? Enhanced Annuities, April 2019.

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