How to find cheaper car insurance

If you’re ready to insure your car here are five top tips that could help you find a cheaper insurance quote.

A caucasian male hugging the hood of his old sedan in a classic car repair shop.

If you’re ready to insure your car here are five top tips that could help you find a cheaper insurance quote.


Step 1

Don’t renew – compare

Many insurance companies create introductory offers for new customers, so if you’ve been with your existing provider for a while you may well find that your renewal quote is less competitive than you might find elsewhere.

Rather than automatically accepting that renewal quote you should compare car insurance quotes each year to compare prices from a wider range of providers, which could well help you to save a pretty penny each time.

Step 2

Take advantage of off-road parking

Cars that are parked on the side of the road are more likely to be damaged by a passing vehicle or targeted by thieves, which means they can cost more to insure. So if your home has some type of off-road parking (be it a garage or a private driveway) you should make good use of it…and let your insurance provider know you’re using it.

If your household has more than one car but only one parking space you’ll probably make the biggest saving by parking the vehicle with the highest premium in that space.

Step 3

Compare car insurance quotes before you buy the car

Your vehicle’s age, value, engine size, security features and mileage on the clock can all have a significant impact on the cost of your car insurance, so if you’re planning to buy a car it’s worth comparing insurance quotes for that vehicle and factoring that into the ‘cost’ of the car.

Step 4

Avoid vehicle modifications

Modified cars almost always cost more to insure, so if you’re buying a car you’ll usually benefit from cheaper insurance quotes if you opt for one that hasn’t been modified from the manufacturer’s original specification.

If you already own a car and are planning to modify the vehicle yourself it’s worth comparing quotes to check exactly what impact that modification is likely to have on your insurance premiums.

Step 5

Don’t assume third party cover is always the cheapest option

Since third party is the least comprehensive level of cover many motorists assume it’s the cheapest, but that’s not always the case.

Some insurance providers take into account the fact that higher-risk drivers are more likely to plump for a third party policy, and hike the premiums for this level of cover to offset that potential risk.

That’s why you should compare quotes for third party, fire and theft and fully-comp insurance even if your originally intention was to go for third party cover.